Where is the café located?

Melly's is located at 1022 Brock Street South in Whitby. Within our café and market we bring our Interactive Development Program to life. Our program is a dynamic, hands-on learning experience, led by seasoned educators and coaches boasting decades of expertise in coaching, leading retail environments and training individuals of all abilities.

How can I get started?

Melly's Interactive Development Program begins with a Meet and Greet. This get-to-know-you conversation helps learn more about the individual's  life experiences, learning needs, goals and dreams. Fill out our application form to set up a call.

What is included in the program?

Our program is designed to enrich the entire individual. Our aim is to equip each participant with valuable, transferable skills that boost confidence and foster independence. It comprises 16 comprehensive development modules and 16 personal development pillars, covering areas such as health and safety, customer service, product knowledge, cleaning and maintenance, food safety, personal security, and effiency, among others. The training is tailored to the unique skills, knowledge level, and abilities of each participant.

The program also includes access to events, drinks while in session, coffee bucks, baking, career and resume development, interview practice and more.

How long is the program?

The initial commitment is for 6 months and costs $5000. Not everyone is ready to begin their employment journey after 6 months. Some prefer to continue developing in the program. After the initial 6 months, we continue in 3 month commitments. Most people in the program attend for 18-24 months. Previous participants that have gotten employment in the community, still attend the program twice a week to stay connected to their friends and continue to receive support at Melly's.

How often do I have to attend?

Adults attending this program are excited to continue developing themselves, with the goal of learning what kind of part-time employment they might like to pursue after graduation. To best support this goal, we recommend 3 days a week, each session is 3 hours. The sessions always include up to 1 hour in our café learning side-by-side with a coach about making coffee, taking orders and providing great customer service. We always have a stretch session, a team-building exercise and advocacy and agency support. Each person also spends time in development activities and specific modules that they have personally selected to work on.

How much does the program cost?

$5000 for 6 months. Pay in full + 60 day payment plans available. After 6 months, we offer monthly programs.

The program is expensive. Are there any subsidies available?

There is a $500 ODSP Employment and Training Start-Up Benefit. There is also $5000 Passport funding available through Canopy Support Services. The individuals would contact their respective caseworkers with both of these programs.

This sounds like a lot of work. Will I have fun too?

Our development program is intended for serious learning; however, a fun and interactive experience such as role-playing and games and videos and other methods for observation and practise are incorporated.

There are awards, prizes, rewards and many incentives granted for various stages of completion. Friendships will be developed, and connections are supported through ongoing social and community events offered at the café.

Where will I work when I finish the training?

All participants of the training will have 6 months of development experience earned through Melly's Market + Cafe. In addition, if they choose to continue on a monthly basis, they will begin Melly's Bridge where they work with a coach to explore opportunities for employment within the community.