Melly's Workplace is a registered charity that works for adults over the age of 18 with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
We provide the support and experiences that they are asking for through Melly's Market + Café, our not-for-profit café, which is open to the public.
Within this space, we deliver our exclusive Interactive Development Program.
Our program delivers 16 modules supporting the fundamental training and skill-building that adults with disabilities are asking for.
We also deliver 16 Pillars that focus on building the self-advocacy, resilience and self-knowledge to confidently go after ones dreams.

Charitable registration: 83808 1552 RR0001



  • Personalized learning customized for individual needs 
  • Advocacy and Independence Centered
  • Customer service and retail experience in a Café + Market setting with a supportive, side-by-side coach
  • Social and Team Building Events
  • Learning and growing in a safe and inclusive environment

Graduates will leave our program ready to share their skills in their community, at work and home. Each participant also receives individualized career planning and mentorship for future job placements. After graduation, friendships and connections are supported through ongoing social and community events offered at the café. 

We are currently accepting applicants to our program for a October 2023 (1 spot available) and November (2 spots available) start. 




Megan incorporates her experience as a former Teaching Assistant and her extensive six-year background in training and supervising within the dynamic coffee industry to expertly train and coach our participants. Utilizing innovative, engaging, and interactive methods, Megan transforms our modules and pillars into educational experiences that are not only enriching but also exceptionally enjoyable, exciting, and memorable. Her expertise and passion empowers her to coach our participants in alignment with the demands of modern workplaces. Moreover, Megan's ongoing pursuit of a Master's degree in Critical Sociology enhances her understanding of societal dynamics and critical thinking, seamlessly integrated into her coaching approach for a truly comprehensive learning experience.


Mackenzie is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Psychology, driven by a profound passion for integrating self-care, resilience, and self-awareness into her coaching techniques. With over six years of hands-on experience in supervisory and training roles within the retail and food service industry, coupled with a decade-long commitment to serving marginalized communities in caregiving and coaching capacities, including adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, Mackenzie brings a profound depth of practical knowledge and empathy to her work.This extensive background, fused with her unwavering dedication to our mission, positions her as a valuable asset to our team. Mackenzie is deeply committed to empowering each participant, not only in developing robust workplace skills but also instilling the confidence and self-advocacy necessary to thrive. Her dedication shines through in her ability to foster personal and professional growth within our program.


Leah significantly enhances Melly's team with her extensive 8+ years of hands-on experience in supervisory and training roles within the retail and food service industry. Leveraging her deep understanding of the specific qualities sought after by retail and food workplaces, she tailors her coaching to emphasize these pivotal skills. Leah's expertise further extends to customer service and sales, where she adeptly guides our participants, helping them refine their sales techniques and communication prowess. Her wealth of practical knowledge serves as a cornerstone in nurturing the growth and success of our team members. Leah is profoundly committed to empowering every participant, building their confidence and skills and making each person feel heard, understood and important.


Join Us!
  • · Personalized training customized for needs and learning style

    · In-class, in-person, hands-on coaching and education

    · Retail experience in a Café + Market setting with coaching 

    · Social and Team Building Events

    · Customer Service experience in a safe and inclusive environment

    · Food, Cleaning, Health, Hygiene and Safety Training

    · Food & Beverage Training

    · Career Planning 

    · Community Inclusion in Durham Region

    · Peer Mentoring

    · Advocacy and Personal Security Training

    · Awards, Incentives, Fun and Friendship

Pay in full + payment plans available. This program may be an eligible expense for government support services. 


Our state-of-the-art facility includes a café that is open to the public, kitchen, development room and market space.  


Our development program is facilitated using equipment and tools that offer transferable skills and opportunities for each person to find new passion and talents. 


Our program prioritizes social connection through organized  activities and events for each graduate of the program to continue connecting with their new-found friends. 


Celebrating All Abilities through creating experiences for all

Melly's Dream

Melanie is 33 and starts each morning with a cafe mocha.
She makes her breakfast and then goes about her day, doing a little cleaning, some yoga, watching tv and making more meals as required.
Her life also includes Down Syndrome.
She dreams of a life she sees her sister and brothers living; working, going places, and friends.
Right now, for many adults living with intellectual and developmental disabilities, it is only a dream.

We want to change that!


For more information, please reach out to :

Melly’s Workplace is a registered charity 83808 1552 RR0001

Melly’s Market + Café is a non-profit facility supporting the development and life experiences for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.