Business Inclusion Partners

In Canada, only 25% of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities are employed, as compared to 80% for the general population.  

Young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities are being left behind, when many of them could be productively contributing and included in Canadian society.  Numerous studies have shown that productive, employable talent exists amongst Canadians with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  

Small business in Durham Region are showing up for the job.

Below, you can find a list of business owners who have hired a Melly's participant as a valuable addition to their team.

These aren't short term jobs or placements.

These business owners are excited to mentor, support and lead their new employees just as they would anyone else on their team.

This is a new era of social inclusion.

Charlie and Aspire Whitby

Aspire Climbing Whitby

Learn more about Aspire Here

Quadre and Crossfit Oshawa

Crossfit Oshawa

Check them out!

Courtney and Unique Town Boutique

Unique Town Boutique

Check them out!

LCBO Whitby

Check out a great article on LCBO's Inclusion strategy

Eat My Shortbread

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