Hire a Graduate

Hire a Graduate

Are you interested in adding a Melly's graduate to your team?

Our graduates emerge from Melly's Interactive Development Program ready and excited to apply their skills in their next workplace. Our program is delivered in a real café and market, allowing each participant to apply their learning directly and refine their skills through real-world applications.

Our program consists of 16 Workplace Training modules—covering areas such as Teamwork, WHMIS, Kitchen and Merchandising Skills, Communication, Personal Security, Health, Food and Beverage Preparation, Point of Sale Operations, Safety, Product Knowledge, Cleaning, Customer Service, Personal Hygiene, Food Safety, and Sales techniques. Complementing these are 16 pillars of Personal Development focusing on Independence/Agency, Respect, Workplace Behaviour, Self-Advocacy, Conflict Resolution, Adapting to Change, Reliability, Time Management, Initiative, Critical Thinking, Receiving Constructive Criticism, Setting Boundaries, Efficiency, Leadership, Accountability, and Work Ethic.

We are actively seeking business leaders eager to join forces with us and support our mission to celebrate diverse abilities.

At Melly's, we offer comprehensive mentorship, specialized training, and dedicated follow-up support for our graduates and business partners.

We'd love to connect with you if you're curious about our Business Inclusion Program, potential candidates, or want more information.

Please feel free to contact us at info@mellysworkplace.ca