Melly's Workplace is a registered charity and a social and community best practice in workplace training and development.

Melly's gives adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities an opportunity to share their unique talents and abilities with their community in a supportive café and market.

Melly's provides experience and learning opportunities through our not-for-profit café, Melly's Market + Café, which will be open to the public.
We also provide individualized, immersive development and learning opportunities through our Interactive Development Program. By creating a space built for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, we can offer a meaningful experiences that prioritizes skill development, social connection and community involvement.

Our not-for-profit café provides the community with a space to enjoy items prepared by our team and supports our mission to create more visibility of the many abilities of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 






Melly's Workplace is a registered charity and will provide an official receipt for income tax purposes. Charitable registration: 83808 1552 RR0001

Adults with disabilities desire to be a part of life and your support provides the means to one individual experiencing community, learning, development and the sense of purpose that comes from contributing and belonging to an inclusive community.

Melly's Workplace is a registered charity that works for adults over the age of 18 with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
We provide the support and experiences that they are asking for through Melly's Market + Café, our not-for-profit café, which is open to the public.
Within this space, we deliver our exclusive Interactive Development Program.
Our program delivers 16 modules supporting the development and skill-building of each person. 

Your donations directly support: 

  • Expanding spaces to accept and accommodate adults with disabilities into our interactive development program. 
  • Mentorship programs for adults with disabilities that want to work outside of the café. We build partnerships with businesses in the community that want to hire someone with a disability and then we remain partnered to support and mentor the employee through their new job.
  • Developing events and social activities at Melly's Market and Café that invite the full participation of the disability community into society.
  • A not-for-profit café and marketplace, where persons with disabilities see themselves represented in the staff 

Please join us in our quest to change lives for the better and make dreams come true!!


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