Our Impact

Into your hearts and hands

In 2022, over 3100 handcrafted drinks were made and served to our community by participants with intellectual and developmental disabilities. This was 3100 opportunities to challenge perceptions and show the community the immense talent and ability that exists within the disability community. 

Alongside this achievement, we sold 3000 baked items that stood as a testament to our participant's culinary skills and creativity.

In 2023, our impact has continued to soar. The numbers speak volumes:

As of August 2023, 6000 meticulously handcrafted beverages and 5000 baked items have found their way into the hearts and hands of those who see the ability.

Community Events

Engagement with the community has been a cornerstone of our approach.

We have organized and participated in ten community events, bringing people of all abilities together to engage in various activities and collaborations. By fostering inclusivity and breaking down barriers, these events have created joy and camaraderie and played a significant role in building a more cohesive and accepting community.

$7000 back into the hands of entrepreneurs with disabilities

Beyond the tangible, we've channeled our efforts into showcasing disability-owned businesses.

Our market features seven disability-owned businesses and we purchase directly from them, resulting in over $7000 back into the hands of disability-owned businesses. This support not only supports their ventures but also amplifies the message of the incredible talent within the disability community.

A platform for growth

Our commitment extends to the individuals themselves.

Thirty adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities have found a platform to express their talents, learn, and grow within our program.

Additionally, six youth had the opportunity to participate in our transformative 9-week Summer Development program, opening doors to new confidence.


Perhaps one of the most impactful results is the ten unique employment opportunities outside of our own establishment.

Our graduates have stepped confidently into the workforce, carrying with them the skills, experiences, and determination cultivated through our program.

Melly's Bridge

The power of collaboration cannot be understated.

Four remarkable business inclusion partnerships—Crossfit Oshawa, Aspire Climbing Whitby, Unique Town Boutique, and Eat my Shortbread—stand as symbols of progress and unity.

Each business hired and mentors a graduate from our program. Together, we're forging a path towards an inclusive society where everyone's contributions are recognized and valued.

Our impact goes beyond numbers; it's a story of empowerment, growth, and the unwavering spirit of our participants. As we continue on this path, we're excited about the future we're shaping—one where opportunities for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities are limitless.