Your sponsorship directly contributes to empowering an adult with intellectual and developmental disabilities, covering essential program costs and facilitating their participation.

Melly's Interactive Development Program is a comprehensive training initiative with: 16 modules on Workplace Training and 16 pillars dedicated to Personal Development.

To create an immersive learning experience, we deliver lessons within a real cafe and market that mirror participants' future workplaces. This approach builds confidence, develops skills, and ensures a confident transfer of skills and abilities into their next workplace

Offered at a comprehensive cost of $5,000 for a six-month period at Melly's, our training predominantly operates on a personalized basis, with one coach to every one or two participants.

We recognize that the cost may not be within reach for everyone, and thus, we extend an invitation to kind-hearted individuals interested in sponsoring a participant. Whether it's sponsoring the initial six months or offering extended support tailored to the participant's needs, your contribution can significantly impact their growth and success within the community, their homes, and their lives.